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Branding is about more than selections on a color wheel and a logo. Good branding is rooted in the humanity of a business; in a business’s values and in the voice of its people. Whether you’re a thriving small to midsize business or a well-established corporation, utilizing your brand is vital to your company’s success.

So how can you establish the depth of your brand in the context of your office space? PureAlchemy Design develops office space designs that bring workspaces into the 21st century, tailoring every project to meet the goals of the employer for the sake of the employee. This blog post will cover the fundamentals of branding an office space specifically for improving creativity and productivity. 

How Do You Brand an Office Space?

First, let’s talk about branding the space on a practical level. A branded office space will reflect the philosophy of the company. Branded office spaces will also:

  1. Present company colors in unique and inviting ways
  2. Exhibit positive, relevant imagery
  3. Include furniture intentionally selected for tone and functionality
  4. Incorporate your logo memorably, typically with good quality lighting or complementary décor

While it may be easy to imagine and implement a workspace with your branded colors and nice furniture, achieving the more abstract elements of your brand, like its coinciding values, require more tact. This is where your office space designer will thrive. Read on for more.

Increasing Creativity With Your Branded Office Space

As you work with your designer to brand your office space, the inclusion of certain factors will help you best influence employees and their creative drives.

Influential Factors in Developing Employee Creativity

  1. Open communal spaces
  2. Whiteboards and/or smart boards
  3. Access to creative tools Color & Sound Stimulation
  4. Layout lighting, warm tones for relaxation
  5. Layout acoustics

Incorporating an open space with brainstorming tools, for example, can really bring people together in an office and encourage creative interaction – and it can reflect the brand value of togetherness.  

Another layout-related aspect to consider: enclosed areas or otherwise private spaces for independent work and thinking. The creative process often includes an ebb and flow of dialogue with colleagues and individual processing – your office space should reflect that the company values and encourages this kind of work.

Increasing Productivity With Your Branded Office Space

Branding your office space can be a big step in increasing employee productivity, and it can also help maintain a consistent company culture as well as attract and retain quality employees. Where the creative element requires opportunities for relaxed conversation and individual thinking time, productivity requires similar design strategies but for different reasons. 

Influential Factors in Developing Productivity

  1. Ergonomic intentionality
  2. Electronic device accessibility
  3. Collaborative spaces
  4. Layout lighting, daylight tones for focus and to avoid eye strain.
  5. Layout acoustics

You may be asking: What do acoustics and electronic devices have to do with branding? Well, just as your brand elements speak to your client or customer collectively—from a logo on a pen to a reporting call—so also should your brand elements speak internally to your employees.

Remember, branding in office designs is about putting your work philosophy on display and bringing it to life. Executing branding elements in this way will show your employees you value them. That may include quality sound arrangements and speakers for music, convenient electronic ports for charging and device use, and spaces utilized for efficacy – every design decision comes down to the way you want your company reflected.  

For more information on what influences office space work, see our elements of design.

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