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Ever since the shift in the commercial working paradigm post-2020, studies by wellness experts continue to demonstrate the benefits of specific designs in the office setting. Employers seek ways to keep employees coming into the office, and the modern office buildout can help them do just that. 

Office design trends, now more than ever, follow ergonomic principles and intentionally chosen elements for the sake of employee comfortability, productivity, and wellness. So, themes like nature-themed offices are more popular than ever. These designs provide ample opportunity to utilize design elements in refreshing ways that employers and employees alike will appreciate. 

Read on for tips on incorporating nature into your office design. 

Biophilia Designs – Help Your Employees Flourish 

Biophilia is a term used to describe the human connection with nature. Integrated via design applications, biophilia features can take the form of natural lighting or nature-inspired fabrics. Other ways to incorporate biophilia include:

  1. Wildlife patterns
  2. Natural colors
  3. Organic textures
  4. Intentional plant use
  5. Nature replicating materials

Of these, natural lighting is perhaps the most important to incorporate in a nature-inspired office design. Too much artificial lighting can create strain on the eye and have negative impacts on working performance, and natural lighting can also boost overall mood and morale. 

Add More & Real Greenery

Plants and greenery walls not only improve employee productivity and happiness but also make the air feel fresher and provide guests with a welcoming atmosphere. In fact, plants have been proven to provide stress relief

Researcher and health scholar Roger Ulrich, for example, discovered that hospital patients with more views of outdoor spaces required less pain medication than those unable to connect with nature. Other studies even suggest that having greenery around the office can help replenish our attention capacity.

Natural Colors & Materials

You can incorporate natural colors and nature-inspired materials in a wide range of office design elements. Natural materials and colors easily incorporated into your office design include:

  1. Natural stone accent walls 
  2. Wood textured/finished furniture
  3. Marble tables and counters
  4. Earthy paints, often matte finished for a more natural tone
  5. Fountains and other water-related installations

Everything from walls and flooring to furniture and decor can be inspired by nature while presenting a professional appearance. Many natural colors can also be found neutral in tone, providing the perfect complement to company branding elements.  

Utilize the Elements of Design

Whatever direction you go in your nature-inspired design, be sure to adhere to the elements of design for employee wellness and ergonomics. The elements of design include special attention to:

  1. Acoustics
  2. Lighting
  3. Activity & ergonomics
  4. Layout
  5. Daylight
  6. Visual interest

Think of the elements of office design as a cornerstone list for manifesting the best possible office for your employees’ wellbeing. 

Via the elements of design, your nature-inspired office will keep the human experience in mind throughout the design and building process. 

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