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 8 Ways to Boost Creativity in your Space

 “The design of your office can do a lot to foster creativity, so it’s no surprise that successful companies also have fun and liberating work environments.”  DAVID SPENCE

If you want to bring your workplace into the 21st century, here’s how you can cultivate a more creative office space that will truly inspire your employees.

1. Cultivate a lively environment

Lively offices can inspire creative thinking and give employees that new perspective they need when they’re stuck. Still, remember that open offices don’t work for everyone. This is why it’s important to also give your employees extra rooms where they can get away and get down to work.

2. Make it bright and healthy

Creativity comes to a halt when you’re stressed and your mind is in fight-or-flight mode. Reduce stress by adding live plants, maximize access to windows and sunlight to cultivate a creative mindset.

3. Include flexible spaces

Since most office work now takes place on laptops, you can throw out the old “one desk, one employee” model. Consider including big tables, smaller desks, couches, standing desks, break out spaces and movable desks to cater to even your most restless employee.

4. Add touches of inspiration

Items such as art pieces, paintings and photos can do a lot to get creative juices flowing. When choosing what to add to your office, think of how each piece will contribute to your company culture and highlight the values you want to bring to light.

5. Reduce clutter or mess

They say a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, which isn’t always the best for creativity. Make sure the elements you’re bringing into your office still promote a feeling of space and openness.

6. Create a play room

Some companies include a play room in their office where their employees can take a break, relax and have fun. You’d be surprised what kind of creative ideas can come out of a quick game session.

7. Have an open-door policy

If your managers and head decision-makers have their own offices, institute an open-door policy. This will encourage your employees to share their ideas instead of keeping them hidden.

8. Add a splash of color

Color isn’t just important to your branding. It’s important for your office too. Different colors will influence how people feel. Check out PureAlchemy’s Febuary Blog “Fuel Office Creativity with Color” for some inspiration.

Having a creative office and company culture will not only improve worker happiness and productivity, but will also go a long way towards attracting top talent to your business for years to come. Shared from “8 Ways to Make your Office Feel More Creative”.

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