5 Ways Branding your Space can Enhance Business | Commercial Interior Design Minneapolis“Branding your office space, no matter your location, is an essential part of your brand. A misaligned office space can reduce productivity, perception and inhibit growth. Particularly in the creative industry, your surroundings can have a tremendous effect on inspiration.” Laura Wallace

Branding your space effectively can make a large impact on your business. Here are a few key things to know:


A well branded space underscores the visual brand by supporting the mission and purpose. If you show that you care about the customers’ experiences, it builds brand loyalty and longevity. A great example is shown in the SeaChange Print Innovations, Minneapolis Reception area.


When your space is aesthetically pleasing, supports the overall mission, and invokes creativity, it creates an area that your team and your clients are proud to come to. Team morale increases, ideas flow, and people are excited to come to work.


It’s hard to be productive in a space that is unorganized, uninspired, and lacking character. By creating an atmosphere that is inviting, visually appealing, and comfortable, you help to engage your team as well as customers and prospects.


When a potential client walks into your space and is immediately wowed, you build an immediate sense of credibility. Through visual cues, you’re reinforcing who you are, what you do, and how it makes a difference.


Most people need to see to understand. Inviting people into an office that showcases a brand without having to say a word is an immediate way to reinforce your dedication and expertise.

When you invest in office branding, you’re investing in your future. I can attest to the opportunities it creates, the renewed company culture it enhances, and the sense of pride it creates among your team and clients.

For further reading check out more from Laura Wallace, Owner/Creative Director at Worx Graphic Design.

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