Retail storefront ideas

5 Retail Storefront Ideas

Storefront designs are meant to grab the attention of a potential customer with memorable aesthetics and specific products that best represent the shop’s merchandise. But anyone can light up some mannequins or souvenirs at the front of a store. What separates the everyday storefront design from an effective storefront design is an intentional design strategy informed by experience and professional input. Continue reading to get some retail storefront ideas for your next project.

PureAlchemy Design works with clients to transform retail shops into purposefully designed spaces with the customer’s experience in mind. The following list covers five retail storefront design ideas that will help your storefront stand out from the usual retail crowd.   

#1 Install Intentional Lighting

Your storefront display and entryway require lighting that does more than illuminate spaces for guests, intentional lighting will add depth to their experience. That includes the installation of:

  • Spotlights
  • Decorative lighting around the storefront display
  • Ambient lighting for mood
  • Accent lights that subtly emphasize key products

You’ll also want to bring in some natural lighting. When possible to incorporate it, the use of natural lighting in retail designs has the power to increase sales numbers. Of all the retail storefront ideas, this one is probably the most effective.

#2 Utilize Digital Screens & Signage

Digital screens not only provide a customizable 2D space for promotional ads and visual appeal, but they also can bring a more interactive element into your retail design. Adding touch screens throughout the store can play a big part in customer experience and it can help you build a more hybrid version of the modern retail space. In other words, patrons can shop online while they’re in the store or see for themselves what other locations may have available.

#3 Focal Points: Give Their Eye Somewhere to Go

Arguably one of the most vital elements of a retail storefront design is the use of focal points. Think of this as less of a design idea and more of a design necessity. From the lighting to the dimensions of the layout, every part of the design should affect the customer’s visual experience; it should provide a seamless focal point that focuses their attention on top-selling merchandise or other display products you want to promote.

#4 Be Open to Unique Architecture

Retail storefronts may be confined in some ways to the limitations of the building or city regulations, but that doesn’t mean your design is restricted to simplicity (unless, of course, that’s what you’re going for). Unique architecture in your displays and entryways will give customers a reason to stop. Examples include culturally influenced layouts, urban styles, and the incorporation of recycled materials for a modern spin.  

#5 Offer an In-Depth Historical Experience

There’s a history behind every retail outlet. Even new brands stand on the shoulders of retail giants. When you incorporate cultural history into your storefront design, you bring a human element to your retail space that shows you offer more than just products.

How can you achieve this? With historically relevant themes that show the story of your business and those who came before you. A sporting goods shop, for example, could incorporate signed memorabilia like signed uniforms or old equipment.

A real-life example: PureAlchemy is proud to have designed Prince’s Paisley Park Pop-Up shop which includes glass-enclosed instruments and thematic merchandise that encapsulates the Prince aesthetic for current and future fans.

Find the Best Fit for Your Customers

Not all storefront ideas are going to work for every retail space. Your modern storefront design should cater to your customers’ experience and inspire increasing sales in a way that works for the nature of your business.

At PureAlchemy Design, we partner with our clients to implement retail build outs and storefront displays that are unique to the needs of the individual shop. Our philosophy is grounded in six elements of space design that positively impact mood, interpersonal engagement, and comfortability.

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