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Today’s commercial working environment is in the midst of a revolution. As a result of a shift toward hybrid work, office leaders are finding it challenging to entice their employees back to the office and provide the support necessary to bolster teamwork in the office.

PureAlchemy provides interior design for commercial spaces with a unique approach that incorporates elements of design for the sake and support of employee wellness and productivity. This post will cover how your office buildout or renovation can enhance the team-oriented workspace for today’s office environment.

#1 Select a Layout Design Fit for Everyone’s Working Needs

The traditional office layout and the open office layout have both become dated approaches in the working environment design. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their individual benefits related to facilitating teamwork. Traditional environments utilize private spaces and the open office environments utilize common spaces.

A good office design will employ spatial utilization tailored to the needs of the individual company or team, rather than aspiring to an open or traditional approach. Often, this design will include common areas for workers to share ideas and work co-dependently while at the same time offering private spaces for individual work.

#2 Integrate New Technologies

New tech is great for team building, especially when it comes to improving social channels for communication. According to Ana Sanchez’s Work Design article on technology in the office, “Technology that helps people see when others are heading to the office, sync schedules and seating, and reserve spaces for drop-by meetups has become a must-have in the hybrid workplace.”

Touchless logins, seat reservations or hoteling, company apps, social profiles – with the right setup, your office can facilitate a wide range of interpersonal interactions between your employees. There’s also the remote worker to consider. With greater access to technology, your office will be more fit to support the employees who aren’t physically present but who are just as much a part of the team.  

What Is Hot-Desking or Hoteling in an Office? Is There a Difference?

For many companies, the modern office has downsized its square footage to a more economical space for hybrid situations.

In a hot-desking approach, there are no assigned seats and employees may sit where spots are available. Hoteling is similar in that there are no assigned seats, but employees may reserve their spots ahead of time. This is especially beneficial for team-oriented tasks where employees will want to ensure they’re near each other. 

#3 Utilize Nature for Better Moods & Inviting Environments

Be cognizant of the amount of time your employees have staring at screens. As much as technology can benefit the office, you’ll want to pair your office’s technology with natural elements for the sake of employee wellness.

You may be surprised by the effects of daylight and natural elements on your employees’ circadian rhythms. Supporting a worker’s sensory experience can go a long way in facilitating better moods in your office. Better moods can lead to better interactions and greater team-building support from everyone involved.

#4 Don’t Forget Activity & Ergonomics

Finally, at the forefront of every workspace designer’s approach should be attention to ergonomics. Employees will thrive together when they have an office practically designed for their best interests. Constructing an office space that eliminates discomfort and promotes active, safe work for one’s task is vital.

Consider adding modular desk arrangements so employees can work together as they prefer. For example, you may want to install desks that can be height-adjusted for employees whose preference is to stand while taking notes or on a call.

Award-Winning Office Designs by PureAlchemy 

What makes a successful office space? At PureAlchemy Design, we base our award-winning approach on that very question. We believe a good office space is all about supporting the human experience and employee well-being. 

Our office designs are also custom-built for today’s changing working environment. We not only incorporate a layout fit for your employees’ best interests, but we also integrate your company’s branding elements and tailor an office design for working efficiency. Call today or connect with us online.

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