Retail Space Design

Not only should your retail company inspire an exciting shopping experience (and workplace!), but it should also demonstrate a strong brand identity. You can do this by utilizing technology to tell your brand story, collaborating with community artists, installing nontraditional materials, and incorporating purposeful lighting.

Branding a retail space essentially involves creating a cohesive and consistent visual demonstration that reflects the values and personality of your business. How you achieve that goal is where the fun comes in. Read on as we dig deeper into four creative ways to brand your retail space design.

#1 Utilize Technology

Use technology, such as digital signage or interactive displays, to enhance the shopping venture and create a memorable brand experience. The best part about interactive displays and various screens: you can change them with the seasons with little in lieu of budget hits.

You may also want to incorporate multimedia elements, such as video or animation, into your signage to create a dynamic and engaging experience. Digital signage is slowly taking over the retail world and with good reason.

Tell Your Story

You can take things to another level by using these screens to tell the brand story. That may include highlighting favored nonprofits, employee spotlights to show appreciation or a montage that includes the history of the company.

#2 Collaborate with Community Artists

Collaborate with local artists or designers to create exclusive products or in-store installations that showcase your brand’s personality and values. How would this look? You could have a wall dedicated to a brand-relevant mural highlighting a specific cause or product solution. Or hire a sculptor to build a memorable display out of interesting materials.

Of course, bringing in local artists doesn’t mean you need to reinvent brand appeal on a visual level, plenty of designers and painters can provide your space with simple yet elegant art your guests will appreciate.

In fewer words, commissioning a local artist to create branded artwork shows that you appreciate local talent while also providing a unique, visual appeal in the space.

#3 Install Nontraditional Shapes & Materials

As long as you’re maintaining branded colors and values, how you implement those elements can be nontraditional in nature. Consider using wood, acrylic, or metal materials as you develop signage and the overall aesthetic of your space.

Sustainability & Nontraditional Retail Design

Consider also incorporating sustainability or social responsibility into your branding efforts to differentiate your business and appeal to environmentally conscious or socially conscious customers. Recycled materials can be utilized to match your brand while demonstrating corporate values.

#4 Incorporate Purposeful Lighting

The lighting and ambiance of your retail space can also impact the overall branding experience. With purposeful lighting, you can highlight the products and visual features that matter most to any given season or campaign. Lighting can also have serious effects on the guest experience, it especially has the power to impact mood, but it can also provide guidance for the guest – highlighting areas of significance.

When you take a strategic approach to your lighting installation, one that considers the human experience in a creative and practical way, you set yourself apart from the everyday retail company.

Interior Designs That Elevate Human Experience

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