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Current Office Design Trends

While there will be many reporting the design trends for the year ahead, it’s important that we think beyond the basic workplace trends that were most popular and consider the development in design that evolved in 2018.

We’ve researched not only how the results of workplace design will change, but also how the approach to workplace design will change. What developments will affect how new office projects are planned in 2019?

More Generations within the Workplace

With people retiring later and more Gen-Z employees starting their careers, the workplace is increasingly cross-generational. Design strategies have aimed to attract younger age groups in recent years. However, in 2018 there has been more understanding that different generations have plenty in common and that bringing these people together, each with their own experience and skills, is beneficial for organisations. Therefore, more focus will be on the factors that appeal to all employees and provide settings for different work-styles no matter the generation.
A Greater Focus on Team Performance

Communication and cloud services are making it easier for teams to work on projects without physically meeting. Workplaces are now focusing more on teams rather than individual performance. In response, businesses are keen to encourage employees to still come together regularly, hoping it will spur fresh ideas and innovation.
Workplace Design as an Investment

More companies are realizing the real impact workplace design has on productivity and a company’s bottom line. Research from Gensler, a global architect and design firm, reveals that poor workplace design costs U.S. businesses an estimated $330 billion in lost productivity each year.
Increasing Competition for Talent

A skills shortage has meant that companies have already been competing for the top talent for years. Yet, an increasing skills shortage and a workforce who are more willing to seek new opportunities will take competition up a level. 76% of full-time employees are currently looking at or open to new opportunities. Organisations will use their work spaces as a means to attract and retain employees.

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